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Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Those 60 and Up: A Whole New Frontier

This article has been RATED R…and is restricted to all talented and amazing people over the age of 60 who are looking to take their future dreams and lifestyle to a higher level.  

If you happen to be under 60 and want to sneak in…go ahead. 😉


(Overheard in the elevator of a bustling high-rise office building)

"If I were starting a new business today, I'd pick a healthy, 

motivated 60-year-old over a dozen others in their 30s or 40s."


“You heard me right.” 


More than ever before, intelligent business owners are beginning to recognize and appreciate the ENORMOUS and largely untapped potential of individuals aged 60 and up.  Moreover they’re using this knowledge to create productive and dynamic teams that have the ability to drive massive success.

The simple fact coming to light is that older adults bring a wealth of experience, skills, and knowledge to the table, making them valuable assets for startups and established businesses alike.

In fact, I firmly believe that this simple realization will shape business management and entrepreneurial strategies for decades to come. 


Much of my professional career has been in creating and managing global sales and marketing teams.  Over the past 35+ years I’ve worked with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and moved hundreds of millions of dollars in sales volume throughout the world. 

I’ve personally trained and observed thousands of individuals who’ve succeeded wildly in their efforts.  As exciting as that sounds, I’ve also seen thousands more who’ve fallen far below any reasonable expectations. 

Want to know what made the difference?

💣 Here comes an epic TRUTH BOMB. 💣

Those who achieved success somehow possessed the ability 

to take their own life experiences, personal connections and 

key personality traits and merge them into the products as

well as the business opportunity they were promoting.

To put it simply, they became an authentic product of the product.  

And in a world of social media and high tech digital communications, in which authenticity is paramount, this particular TALENT exceeds them all.  

What’s more, it just so happens that when it comes to any kind of sales and marketing, those motivated adults who find themselves over 60 actually have a distinctive competitive edge.

💣 Here’s another epic TRUTH BOMB for you. 💣

In today’s business world, if you are over 60, 

you are uniquely pre-programmed to succeed.

Boom! What I’m saying is that if you’ve been on this Earth for 60 years or more, you already possess most of the skills and talents required to succeed in just about any sales or marketing opportunity.   You simply need to grab the rope and draw the water up from the well. 

Believe me, I could give you dozens of reasons that support this emerging TRUTH, but for now, just consider these five:

TOP 5 BUSINESS ADVANTAGES for older adults


This is the elephant in the room and perhaps the most overlooked. Older adults have accumulated decades of life experience, including professional expertise, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving abilities. This wealth of knowledge enables them to more effectively communicate with others, understand their needs, and provide practical solutions .


Older adults are more easily perceived as reliable and trustworthy sources of information, which can enhance their credibility in all fields of business. Potential clients and team members are more likely to trust recommendations and advice from someone with a greater wealth of life experience.


Many older adults are highly motivated to succeed in direct sales and marketing ventures, whether to supplement retirement income, pursue a passion, or stay active and engaged in meaningful work. This intrinsic motivation drives them to overcome obstacles and persevere in the face of challenges.


Older adults often excel in mentoring and leadership roles, leveraging their experience and wisdom to support and guide team members. They can serve as valuable mentors to younger recruits, providing mentorship, training, and encouragement to help them succeed. 


This one is much bigger than you think.  Many older workers are often well-connected within their various talents and professional experience—providing valuable networking opportunities.  Their backgrounds automatically give them the one thing that all sales and marketing Executives desire: access to vital resources and contacts.  

I'm sure you know the old saying “it’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know.”  This proven adage applies especially to older entrepreneurs and is arguably THE most valuable tool in the toolbox.

Over the years, older adults have built extensive social and professional networks, which can serve as useful resources in direct sales and marketing. These pre-existing connections provide a solid foundation for building both a customer base, and for attracting new team members.


We live in a whole new world today than our grandparents ever experienced when it comes to longevity, healthspan and especially entrepreneurial business opportunities and financial possibilities.  

💣 Here’s a bonus TRUTH BOMB just for you. 💣

The internet, digital communications and contemporary

social platforms have opened up VAST opportunities for

people of all age groups, but particularly for those over 60.

For example, the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook happens to be older adults, surprisingly those 60 and above—making it a considerable segment of Facebook's roughly 3 billion users.  This is only going to increase over the next decade.

This transformational shift towards recognizing the immense value that maturity brings to entrepreneurship is not only underway but gaining momentum.  With decades of experience, a wealth of skills, and a deep understanding of human connections, older entrepreneurs will continue to possess a MUCH STRONGER advantage than anyone could have imagined just one generation ago. 


In today's business landscape, older entrepreneurs are tapping into their own immense potential, recognizing their wealth of experience, credibility, and networking abilities.

Armed with authenticity and a deep understanding of human connections, older adults now hold a significant competitive advantage in driving success in the digital age and in shaping the very future of entrepreneurship as well.


My strongest recommendation for those over 60 is to connect with an established affiliate marketing platform that can produce leveraged income and be passed down to future generations. Maturity, experience, credibility and lifetime connections make this a natural choice for many older adults.

I have over 35 years of experience in this particular field and it has been the primary source of income throughout my adult life.

I have also introduced thousands of people over the years who are enjoying part-time and full-time incomes for themselves.

Whether you’re seeking to supplement your retirement income, pursue a lifelong passion, or simply stay active and engaged in meaningful work, your unique experiences as an older adult can help provide a timely pathway to both financial and personal fulfillment.


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