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Navigating in Woods

My Story.

On June 4th, 2020 everything changed.

That was the day my wife was diagnosed with stage-3 uterine cancer.

All the initial questions that cloud your mind eventually give way to the sobering reality of the long battle ahead. With unshakable faith my wife began preparing herself mentally and spiritually for the fight.


At the same time, I asked myself, is there anything I can do, besides sitting on the sidelines and watching it happen?”

Drawing on my background in educational technologies and research, I began gathering all the medical data and published literature I could find on natural, metabolic therapies that were being used in addition to standard medical care.


To make a VERY long story short, my wife went on a specific diet along with periods of fasting before and during her chemotherapy sessions.  

With just those few, simple metabolic interventions added to her treatment, that stage-3 cancer along with several tumors were completely eliminated from her body within a matter of weeks!  In addition, to our surprise, she was spared from suffering virtually all of the common side effects that come from the chemotherapy and radiation itself.

I discovered firsthand that the ability of the human body to acknowledge and respond to things as simple as the foods we eat is PROFOUND.  


But I learned something far more important–it’s not just about diet. 

Embedded within the genetic code of every person on Earth is an intentional primal blueprinta comprehensive GUIDE for healing, survival and a LONG and remarkably healthy lifespan!


When our lifestyles and daily habits come into alignment with that foundational design, our bodies simply know what to do.

As a certified Primal Health Coach and Longevity Researcher, my intention is to help you discover and apply these foundational principles so that you too can unlock and release this astounding potential for health and longevity in your own life.

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