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Written into the genetic code of every living creature on Earth is a complete blueprint for survival, healing, prosperity and long life.

I offer longevity coaching for those middle-age and up who want to live FAR BEYOND the “average” lifespan—in optimal health, joy and independence.

Experience the PEACE of MIND that comes from knowing you can live out your dreams for 100 years or more with all the physical, mental, social and financial well-being you can imagine.

Dennis Clifton BSc, MA, PHC  


About Me. 


My professional background has taken me from television & film producer to college instructor to a highly successful career in direct sales and marketing.

Along the way I’ve thrown myself into lots of things–from archaeology, biblical languages and music publishing to competitive martial arts, endurance running and executive leadership training.

Today as a certified Primal Health Coach one of my great passions is to understand and apply the secrets of our inherited human potential for healing and long life.

Be that as it may, this desire didn't just happen on its own.  Like most people, 

it took a sudden fall into the abyss in order to get my attention... 

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